Great Book on Legal Issues Affecting Entrepreneurs

We get a ton of legal questions on this site.  We can’t answer them because if we act as your lawyers, you can sue us.  That would not be fun.  However, fear not, there is a GREAT book on most all of the issues that affect the entrepreneur.  The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law.  The book’s co-author is Craig Dauchy from Cooley Godward Kronish and along with his accomplice Constance Bagley from Harvard, they’ve written what I consider to the be the definitive treatise on the subject.  I love my first and second edition copies, have them on my desk and still refer to them often.  This is an easy read, but very rich in content. 

If you are an first-timer or seasoned veteran, read this book.  I guarantee at a minimum you’ll be a better consumer of legal services and save yourself time and money.

  • Brad Bernthal

    A quick amen re the value of this book. I assign Bagley & Dauchy for students in our Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at Colorado Law School. I am not alone on this — several other United States legal clinics use the book as well. While this underscores the book’s utility as a starting point for attorneys (or soon-to-be-attorneys), the book is also highly accessible for entrepreneurs and I often recommend it to clients.

  • Josh

    We use this book at Babson, in our (mandatory) business law for entrepreneurs courses. Not only is it excellent, but when we were interviewing firms for legal representation we consistently were told that we seemed better prepared than most other entrepreneurs they meet. Part of the credit goes to an excellent professor ( and part to his great choice of book.

  • Damon

    I’ll second that choice, although I’ve only read the first edition. It’s a truely outstanding overview of the relevant legal issues in a readable form.
    This book is a life saver if you’re launching a company with founders who aren’t totally up to speed on the legal issues. It gets everyone on the same page fast, before you pay the lawyers.

  • anonymous

    This book is really amazing — concise and to the point. Constance Bagley is a great professor; in this book, she distills the key issues so that you can get a general overview in just a few minutes.

  • Can i find this book online?