Furqan Nazeeri – EIR Blogger

We are always diligently on the lookout for new VC-related blogs for you to add to your reading list.  Today we discovered Furqan Nazeeri, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Softbank Capital Partners

I came across Furqan while reading Found+Read’s article titled A few more things no one tells you about VC…  Furqan had a post recently titled Topics Covered On This Blog (So Far) that helps us navigate.  It includes the following on raising capital:

Dating…er…Fundraising Etiquette
How to Get Introduced to VCs
Top 10 Tips For Entrepreneurs Pitching VCs
Venture Debt For Startups
How Not To Select A VC
What To Expect In Due Diligence

Also included is a bunch of stuff on startups.  Good stuff – worth adding to your reading list.  Furqan – nice blogging – keep it up!

  • I’ve known Furqan for quite a while and he is down-to-earth, very intelligent and sensible. I really appreciate how he helps entrepreneurs understand the VC business, as he has been a serial entrepreneur himself.
    His blog is well worth adding to a reading list!

  • I was happy to discover Furquan’s site for the post I wrote that was quoted in the article on FoundREAD.
    He brought up a few points in his blog, in various posts, that I haven’t seen many people talk about.
    I emailed him directly as well, he was very quick to respond and approachable.