I’ve Got A Huge Vision for Something, Now What?

Q: I have developed a really cool technology that I really think could essentially solve several huge issues: Piracy (music and even movies), Apple’s monopoly on digital media players and much more. How the heck do I approach this? I really think I’ll need to not only develop the technology (which is my area) but also to do some heavy PR (not my area) and evangelizing (not my area, although I see myself crossing over to that) across the board to get this going, as well as business establishment (not really my area). All of this costs money (also not my area). What to do?

A: (Brad): Find a partner that is an experienced entrepreneur.  Or find a mentor that is an experienced entrepreneur.  Or find both.  Or find several of both.  As a technical founder, you should spend your time on what you do best.  Use your network to find / attract great people who have been through creating companies before and are motivated / interested in helping you.

  • Randy Noval

    I think the advice is great, but is still very general. As someone approaching the same dilemma, where can I go to look for those people? I know about SCORE, but are there other options? There are not too many Retirees with a lot of experience in the new technology industries.

  • I agree with Brad’s answer. It sounds like you have quite the ambitious vision, so it will be imperative that you surround yourself with as many experienced people as possible.
    I would also think about putting together an informal board of advisors for your company right away consisting of people in your network who have experience in a variety of areas. My initial thoughts are that in your case, your board of advisors should have at least: one finance person, one marketing person, one pr person, and a few business people.
    Randy: The company that I work for, PartnerUp.com, is devoted entirely to helping people put together a startup team of co-founders, partners, board members, advisors, etc. It’s free, so you might find it to be a valuable resource.