Paul Graham on Fundraising

Today’s great post is from Paul Graham and is titled A Fundraising Survival GuidePaul runs Y Combinator and has been involved in numerous early stage financings since starting Y Combinator several years ago.  Worth a long, slow, and detailed read for any entrepreneur raising money for their startup.

  • Thats was a superb read! Very well written and kept you interested through the whole text. I certainly learned a lot about fund raising and investors.

  • I think the really important message is that fundraising is just one of those tasks that start-ups have to do even if they're unpleasant. Firing people is unpleasant, hiring people can be, cleaning the bathroom ain't so great either. Any entrepreneur is going to be called upon to do these and more. Raising money is a skill like any other- it requires research and practice and a thick skin.