Choice of Entity – C Corps, S Corps, LLCs?

We’ve written plenty in the past about choice of entities and which ones might make sense for your particular business, but today we found a cool chart that really summarizes nicely.


  • Payam D

    as a follow up to this post, what is the most common type of entities do you usually see when there are multiple founders and multiple VCs are involved?

  • Mac

    The tiny warning at the bottom should be plastered in a huge typeface across the top. I want to say the chart is handy, but by the time you realize those issues vary from one structure to another, and you understand the ways and reasons they need to be considered, you should also already know the basics that are presented in the chart. It's all the details behind those basics that really matter, and those are unfortunately not easily summarized in chart-form.

    Our tax law is a disaster. (Insert FairTax plug here.)

  • David

    There should be a guide on which to choose. I've read contradicting articles/blogs/reports on every business formation out there and it's all vague.