Communications Advice for Pitching Venture Capitalists

Today’s post is from Matt Eventoff – a communications consultant who has good tips for entrepreneurs who are pitching VCs.

I reinforce that having a clear message is really important.  If you get off on the wrong foot in a presentation and can’t clearly definite your value proposition, you risk losing the interest of the VC and never getting it back. 

  • Here's hoping entrepreneurs take the “practice makes perfect” message to heart. An athlete would never attempt to run a race without preparing for hours and hours; however, entrepreneurs seem to think that they can “wing” presentations with very little rehearsal.

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  • Brandon

    It's good to know that there are good advices for entrepreneurs, the bad thing is that there are so many good advices lately everywhere and most of them are in contradiction with one another, and the rest are common sense advices. I'm not saying that these advices are not useful, I'm just saying that hopefully one day we will have an universal truth in the VC world. For those that care about reading accurate news check