Finding Companies to Invest In

Today’s great VC post is from my partner (and co-author of this blog) Jason Mendelson.  Jason post Where Do Venture Capitalists Find Their Companies? has a detailed breakdown, from Jason’s point of view, on where VCs find (and look for) companies to invest in.

And – as a bonus post – Mark Suster has a dynamite rant titled Is VC too Fat and Happy?

  • Kiki

    Even if someone knew the secret of what criteria do VC's use when choosing their companies why would they tell us? Just to satisfy our curiosity? Doubt it. So how can well tell an information is accurate as long as it is based on a hunch? I once had this curiosity and I actually called one company (it was ” target=”_blank”> asking them abut their list of investors and how they gathered the infos. They were very upfront and answered to all my questions, but this is not general, they all have different strategies. This is the only way you can make statements, if you have some internal information and you base your statements on something.