Go: Startup Jargon Series: DISRUPTION

This is going to be fun. Rob Go (NextView) is taking on “Startup Jargon” with a new series. His first post is about Disruption, a word I never manage to type correctly the first time (I always type it as distruption.)

Many moons ago Fred Wilson wrote a great blog series on VC Cliches. It’s timeless. Let’s hope Rob lives up to Fred’s standard with the Startup Jargon series. Go Rob Go (sorry – couldn’t help myself on that one.)

  • Anonymous

    Wow, forgot about Fred’s series. Better make sure I don’t duplicate too much

    • Nah – duplicate away. The joy of the web is you get to write everything as many times as you want!

  • Pauldog11

    Why? sounds good to me.
    Paul Azous, CEO
    Businessplanq.com and Restaurant Ventures

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