Feb 27 2007 by Brad

Example Term Sheet

Q: I’ve been re-reading back through your term sheet series as was wondering if you had a sample one that you could send my way (yes, I have found several others online already but they don’t seem to contain much of the same jargon that you give in your examples).  Also, I’m trying to find one most appropriate for an angel round.

We never got around to posting a redacted / sample term sheet, but there are a great set of sample documents up on the National Venture Capital Association web site including a term sheet, stock purchase agreement, and a variety of other standard documents. 

The model documents were drafted over the course of more than a year by a consensus process involving many of the leading VC lawyers in the country which constitutes the NVCA Model Document Working Group. These documents have now been through a second set of intense review, comment and revision by the current working group.