Feb 23 2007 by Brad

More Thoughts on Don’t Be Casual

Today’s Great VC Post doesn’t come from a VC (I couldn’t find any great ones this morning when I went through my feeds in FeedDemon.)  Instead, it’s a post by my long time friend Will Herman titled Prepare and Be Prepared that is a follow up to my post titled Don’t Be Casual

I realize this is a little recursive blog link love but I figured you – my dear reader – could handled it.  Will is an extremely experienced entrepreneur that has been a co-founder of or involved in numerous successful VC-funded business.  He has also been a co-investor with me in a number of companies as an angel investor or board member (our first investment together was in NetGenesis – it’s hard to believe that 13 years has passed.) 

Even though this belongs on AsktheEntrepreneur instead of AsktheVC, I’m imagine Will is ok with it.  At least I hope he is.