Feb 3 2007 by Brad

Say What You Mean

Today’s Great VC Blog of the Day comes from my partner Seth Levine.  The title of Seth’s post – Clarity – says it all.  While there are lots of ways to say it, like “Say What You Mean”, “Be Direct”, “Don’t Obfuscate Reality With Lots of Chatter”, “Don’t Beat Around the Bush”, “When You Want To Say Something, Just Say It” and “Honestly, To Tell You The Truth, I’m Just Trying to be Straightforward”, saying “red circle” when it’s a “red circle” is a whole lot better than saying “The object displays certain characteristics that you might find in areas that were prone to liking colors that were deeper and brighter in tone.  I also note that the object is rounded on four sides.”  Do you know what I mean?  (Yes – I recognize the irony of the length of this post; honestly, that was intentional for those of you following along at home in order for me to succinctly make my point.)