Apr 4 2007 by Jason

Creating a Good Board Package Series

As Brad and I have written over time about how to run an effective board meeting, we’ve received one question many times from many of you:  How does one create a good board package to accompany the meeting?

As with our posts on term sheets, 409A and letters of intent, we thought this subject matter required a more in depth answer than a single posting and decided to create a series about this.

Before we could create something, however, our partner Chris Wand created a wonderful piece regarding this very subject and we are going to post his work as a series of blogs.

For those of you who know Chris, you know that he’s incredibly insightful and thorough.  You also know that he has vowed never to blog and whether this constitutes blogging for him, we’ll leave that up to the reader. 

We’ll post the series over the next week or two.  We hope that you enjoy it.