Jul 12 2007 by Jason

10 Pragmatic Steps to Raising Venture Capital

Today’s Great VC Post is from our former colleague Bill Burnham of Inductive Capital.  He has a nice summary of 10 considerations for raising venture capital if you aren’t already tied into the the fundraising network.

I’d make a few comments regarding what Bill says:   

1.  I can’t agree with him more about generating a PowerPoint slide, short executive summary and forgetting about a dense business plan;

2.  I’d point out that what I’d also want to see would cover your company’s competitors and some sort of cogent financials; and

3.  We at Foundry Group invest nationally, so we’ll look at deals from anywhere in the country, so long as the idea and team are rock solid. 

We get the question a lot – “how do I find a VC if I have no connections?” and I think Bill’s summary is as good of advice on how to start as I’ve seen.