Aug 13 2007 by Jason

What Are The Costs Associated With Changing a Company’s State of Incorporation?

Q: I have what I think is a really basic startup question, but I’m having the toughest time getting a straight answer, so here goes.

We’re starting a website and want to form an LLC for the business, thing is, we live in Texas but will soon be returning to Nevada. Should we do all the registration (dba, llc formation and anything else required) in Nevada or form it here in Texas and then transfer once we move? In general, what are the costs of changing the state of incorporation?

A: (Jason). It’s not too bad – usually a couple of hours of lawyer time, so it should be sub $1000. If you want to be incorporated in your state of residence and you are fairly certain that you are going to move, I’d skip the headache and just incorporate in Nevada and be done with it. It’s not a big deal to be incorporated in a different state than where you reside.

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