Aug 13 2007 by Jason

Why Doesn’t My Question Get Answered on Your Website?

One question we’ve started getting lately is “why haven’t you answered my question yet?  How do you decide which questions get answered?” 

First of all, we apologize for any tardiness we have in answering your questions.  We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by all of the interest and great questions asked from the blogosphere.  The downside is that we’ve had a hard time keeping up, but pledge to get to all that we can.

In general, we try to answer questions in the order that we receive them, but also have two “filters” we apply:

1.  We try to answer questions on a priority basis that appear to need an immediate answer and that we think the dialogue will benefit a wide demographic of our readership; and

2. We don’t answer questions that are overly specific in nature and are essentially just asking for legal advice.  We aren’t your attorneys and wouldn’t want to steer your the wrong way with only a limited fact pattern to opine on.

Again, we appreciate your readership and patience. 

– Jason and Brad