Oct 10 2008 by Jason

How Does the Current Macro Economy Affect Venture Capitalists and Startups?

We’ve gotten many emails over the past few days wondering how the meltdown is going to affect VCs and startups.  The quick answer is "not much of an effect – so far."  Just linking around, here are some posts that you might want to check out if you’d like to read more.

Mendelson’s MusingsHow Does the Market Craziness Affect Venture Capitalists and Startups?  – Talks about VC and Startup fundraising environments.

Feld ThoughtsBuild Trust by Staying Steady in Rocky Times – Talks in detail about macro cycles, banking and how it ties to the VC ecosystem.  Also see: Gloom and Doom – or Capital Efficiency – reference Fred Wilson’s posts on similar subjects and argues that we aren’t in the worst case scenario. 

or see this presentation from Sequoia Capital which tries to put the current situation into historical perspective.

There are many other good blog posts if you go hunting around, but this should get you started.