Month: November 2008

Nov 11 2008

Choice of Entity – C Corps, S Corps, LLCs?

We’ve written plenty in the past about choice of entities and which ones might make sense for your particular business, but today we found a cool chart that really summarizes nicely.


Nov 10 2008

Healthy Ways to Tighten the Corporate Belt

Our friend Amy Hartman, who recently started her own law firm specializing in employment matters wrote a great piece called "Feel the Burn."

It’s a very informative, yet easy to read piece on strategies for cutting your company’s burn rate during these challenging times.

Most of her advice is with her employment law hat on, which is certainly a chief concern when contemplating cost reductions.

Take a read- it’s a good one.

Nov 9 2008

Visualizing Your Portfolio

Fred Wilson has today’s great post up titled Portfolio Screens.  This is the second post that describes how Fred is thinking about his portfolio right now and follows another great post of Fred’s titled The Survival Matrix


The size of the balls represents the amount invested in each company (the picture above is of a theoretical portfolio.)  In Fred’s world view, he wants to "see the balls move up and to the right over time. And you want to see them start out small and get bigger as they move up and to the right."

Nov 5 2008

SaaS and Cost Cutting vs. Sales

Today’s two great VC posts are from David Cowan and Stu Phillips.

David writes on The Prospects for SaaS.  He also discusses his mixed experience with his squash gnocchi.

Stu writes on The other side of cost cutting.  While cutting costs is important if you are trying to become profitable, Stu suggests that everyone should make sure they are focusing on the other side of cost cutting – revenue generation.

Nov 3 2008

LearnVC – A Web Resource About Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Early this year Jeff Boardman approached me and Jason about a new web site he was working on called LearnVC.  His goal was to build a web-based resource about venture capital for entrepreneurs and investors. As part of this, he asked if he could use content from AsktheVC and from Feld Thoughts as long as he gave us linkbacks and attribution.  We thought Jeff’s idea for LearnVC was great and said yes without hesitation.

Six months or so later Jeff has launched LearnVC.  In addition to a blog and extensive content, he’s created separate guides for different audiences:

Nicely done Jeff.