Month: June 2009

Jun 20 2009

How To Cold Call A VC

Mark Suster of GRP Partners in LA continues to crank out great posts, including today’s titled Getting Access to the Old Boys’ Club (how to approach a VC)

I like investing in LA (we’ve got three investments there – Oblong, Topspin, and Memeo) and I’ve got a long term evil plan for the city.  In the mean time, I’m going to be speaking at Twiistup 6 in LA on July 30 in case you are interested in coming and hanging out with a bunch of startups in the LA scene.

Jun 16 2009

Betting on A Big Wave

Mark Suster of GRP Partners is blogging like a fiend and has the best VC post of the day titled Sorry Guys – It’s the Size of the Wave, Not the Motion of the Ocean.  Entrepreneurs – wander over and take a look.  Plus, he’s got some title alliteration.

Jun 7 2009

When Failure Is An Option

Today’s great post is from David Cowan of Bessemer Venture Partners and is titled Israeli Venture Keynote: When Failure Is An Option.  Embedded is his keynote presentation from last week at the Israeli Venture Association Annual Conference.  While David focused on lessons for venture capital in Israel, they apply broadly to venture capital anywhere in the world, including the United States.