Month: July 2009

Jul 18 2009

Another Way VCs Outnegotiate Entrepreneurs

Jeff Bussgang from Flybridge has today’s great VC post titled In VC deals, Price Doesn’t Matter – But The "Promote" DoesWhile I personally dislike the phrase “promote” to describe the concept Jeff is describing (I think “founders post-deal ownership value” – or FPDOV – is a much better phrase, although I realize “promote” is catchier.)

If you are an entrepreneur negotiating a VC financing, you should read this post carefully.  Jeff does an excellent job explaining one of the key ways that VCs outnegotiate entrepreneurs while making the entrepreneur feel good about the outcome.

Jul 8 2009

Finding Companies to Invest In

Today’s great VC post is from my partner (and co-author of this blog) Jason Mendelson.  Jason post Where Do Venture Capitalists Find Their Companies? has a detailed breakdown, from Jason’s point of view, on where VCs find (and look for) companies to invest in.

And – as a bonus post – Mark Suster has a dynamite rant titled Is VC too Fat and Happy?