Month: December 2009

Dec 30 2009

Is An Inside Round Good or Bad?

Bijan Sabet has today’s Great VC Post titled The Inside RoundIn it, he talks about the pros and cons of an inside round which he defines as:

“There are times where a follow on financing does not include a new VC firm. The new round is financed by the current investors. This is known as an “inside round”.”

He also summarizes the historical conventional wisdom:

“It used to be the case that an inside round often meant something was wrong. It meant the company was unable to raise money with a new outside lead investor due poor operating performance, team, market, whatever.

And sometimes that is a correct read on the situation.

But I believe that is no longer universally true.”

I strongly agree with Bijan.  At Foundry Group, we are very comfortable with doing inside rounds and describe ourselves as being syndication agnostic.  It’s definitely worth wandering over to Bijan’s blog and reading more on this thoughts about The Inside Round.

Dec 22 2009

Looking for Angel Investors for a High Tech Venture?

Venture Hacks has a great list of high quality angel and seed investors.  I was recently added to the angel list (there goes the neighborhood) and join an active crew of angel and seed stage VC investors that currently includes Rob Go, Ariel Poler, Aaron Patzer, Jason Calacanis, Ho Nam, Georges Harik, Rob Lord, Andy Weissman, Bryce Roberts, Matt Mullenweg, Satish Dharmaraj, Brian Norgard, Mike Hirshland, Roger Ehrenberg, Peter Chane, Josh Felser, Mark Suster, Keith Rabois, Saar Gur, Salil Deshpande, David Cohen, Dave McClure, Bill Lee, Jeff Clavier, James Hong, Auren Hoffman, Jon Callaghan, Chris Sheehan, Jeff Fagnan, Michael Dearing, Dharmesh Shah, Manu Kumar, and Naval Ravikant.

There’s plenty of info listed for each person – see the example of my listing below.


If you are an angel investor or seed stage VC, please apply to be added to the list.  If you are looking for angel or seed stage VC investors, have at it!

Dec 14 2009

A VC on Pitching VC’s

Today’s great blog post – titled A VC’s Advice On How To Pitch VCs is from Raj Kapoor at Mayfield Fund and is guest posted on TechCrunch.

Dec 5 2009

Things To Consider About Who You Should Take VC Money From

Roger Ehrenberg has today’s best VC post titled Thoughts on Taking Venture Money.  It is a long one, but worth reading slowly as an add-on to Chris Dixon’s post Does a VC’s brand matter?