Aug 9 2011 by Brad

Brisbourne: Keeping Going Through The Turmoil

Many of the VC Bloggers are talking about macro economic chaos and the impact on startups. We’ll highlight a few of them today.

First up is Nic Brisbourne (DFJ Esprit) weighing in from the UK where, in addition to a falling stock market, there is fire in the streets. His post, Keep going through the turmoil, is a good reminder to all of us, not just entrepreneurs.

Roger Ehrenberg (IA Ventures) provides someĀ Sound thinking for unsound times via his note to early-stage companies everywhere.

Albert Wegner (Union Square Ventures) pondersĀ Double Dipping and I don’t think he’s talking about chips in guacamole.

Finally, Dan Primack has an awesome interview with Alan Patricof (Greycroft) about VC business (mostly) as usual.