Aug 19 2011 by Brad

Entrepreneurs Thoughts On VCs And Angels

VCs can be real dolts (I know – I’m a VC – and I’m periodically a total knuckhead). Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe has an outstanding article up on titled Entrepreneurs talk back: Straight-up feedback and advice for VCs and angels. In it, he has some choice feedback from entrepreneurs to VCs and angels. For a feel for the article, the first two (of about twenty) are priceless.

– One software entrepreneur told me about a group of angel investors who visited his company, but decided not to invest. Instead, they began pitching their services as consultants. “I cannot stress this enough: The worst thing on this planet is a consultant disguised as an angel/VC. And they are everywhere. Atrocious.”

– A serial entrepreneur who successfully sold his last two companies told me about a meeting last month with a Cambridge venture capitalist who spent most of their first meeting looking at his phone. “Our meeting was apparently an email-checking session,” he wrote. “I wish I’d known; I could have gotten some work done.

Go read them all. And, if you are an entrepreneur and have more, add on in the comments!