Aug 8 2011 by Brad

Spreadsheets To Model Cap Tables

Question: One thing that I think would be incredibly helpful would be to have a spreadsheet showing how a cap sheet evolves under a set of financing rounds with the important variables parameterized so we can play with them.

Having spent the past 15 years trying to come up with the definitive spreadsheet model for all cases, we’ve given up. It’s really hard to create the general case and actually using it is very difficult. So we don’t have a generic one to offer.

However, there are plenty of resources for cap tables on the web. Here are some examples. Use at your own risk – we can’t guarantee the mathematical integrity of any of these.

There are many others on the web – just search around for “cap table” or “capitalization table”. I expect your favorite lawyer has one also – if he doesn’t, or won’t share it with you, I encourage you to find a new favorite lawyer.