Aug 15 2011 by Brad

Suster: What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Mark Suster (GRP) has today’s VC post of the day titled What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management. As with many of Mark’s posts, it’s an excellent piece of long form writing that thoroughly dissects the issue of crisis management and makes a number of very significant recommendations which are summarized below.

  1. If You Don’t Shape Your Story, Somebody Else Will
  2. Understand the Gravity of the Situation for Your Customers
  3. Don’t Bury Bad News
  4. Never Blame the Press
  5. Know Your Key Messages
  6. Don’t Take the Bait
  7. Develop Trusted Advisors
  8. Get to Know the Press Now
  9. Get Media Training
  10. Have a PR Strategy

Go read the entire post. It is excellent. And read it now, before you have a crisis (which you, and everyone else on the planet, inevitably will.)