Apr 30 2012 by Brad

Baldwin: Advisors – Stop Screwing Startups

Today’s post of the day comes from Micah Baldwin. Micah isn’t a VC – he’s an entrepreneur, CEO, and experienced mentor (he’s been involved in TechStars since the  beginning.) He has a great rant titled Advisors Stop Screwing Startups. He makes several very important points about how advisors are screwing startups, why they should stop, and why entrepreneurs should take responsibility for 100% of their equity and be a lot more careful with it.

As a long time advisor for many companies, I’m a huge believer in “give before you get.” If you are an amazing advisor, your reputation should precede you. Be free – help – and when you are providing real value, entrepreneurs should give you something in return. But entrepreneurs, if the advisor asks for something up front, be skeptical. Sometimes its legit, but often it’s not.