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Feb 23 2007 by Brad

VC (or Entrepreneur) Madlibs

It’s late on Friday (queue Amy from background: “Brad, it’s 6:10 on a Friday – get off of your computer and come play.”) Before I figure out where we are going for dinner, I thought I’d leave you with a Madlib to fill in.  Remember Madlibs?  Yeah – sure you do.  I know I’m supposed to tell you the part of speech to fill in, but I’ll let you wing it.  A free subscription to this blog for a year goes to the winner (uh huh – I know – it’s already free – now you are getting a taste of a VC negotiating tactic.)  Comment away – if I get some creative ones, I might even try this again.

Ah, look at all the ________ ________!
Ah, look at all the ________ ________!

________ ________ picks up the ________ in a ________ where a ________ has been.
Lives in a dream.

________ at the ________, wearing the ________ that she keeps in a ________ by the ________. Who is it for?

All the ________ ________, where do they all come from?
All the ________ ________, where do they all ________?