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Feb 20 2012 by Brad

Husband And Wife VC Posts Of The Day

Fred Wilson (USV) and Joanne Wilson (Gotham Gal) have the two best posts up today. Each one involved another person.

Fred’s post – The Management Team – Guest Post By Jerry Colonna – is by – wait for it – Jerry Colonna. If you don’t know Jerry, you are missing out. Jerry was Fred’s partner at Flatiron Partners and an amazing VC in the 1990’s. I had the joy of being on several boards with Jerry and can’t think of anyone I’ve ever worked with who understands people better. Jerry’s post wraps up Fred’s MBA Monday series on the management team and is a dynamite finish to an excellent post.

Not to be outdone, Joanne Wilson has a great post up titled Caren Maio, Nest.io, Woman Entrepreneur. It’s part of Joanne’s Women Entrepreneur Monday’s series and highlights Caren Maio, CEO of Nest.io, and a member of the first TechStars New York program. Caren is spectacular and Joanne does a nice job of explaining Nest.io while shining a bright light on the awesomeness that is Caren.

Aug 8 2011 by Brad

Wilson: Financing Options – Capital Equipment Loans and Leases

Monday is a tough day to be a VC blogger because you are competing with Fred Wilson’s MBA Mondays series. Fred once again delivers with his post Financing Options: Capital Equipment Loans and Leases. In this post, he talks about ways to finance your capital equipment without using cash from your equity financing, which is usually your most expensive source of capital. Fred isn’t a fan of debt, so this is a well considered piece on when debt can be useful in an early stage startup.

As a runner up, Allen Morgan has a follow up to his blog from last week titled More on “Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Meet With VC’s Unless They’re Formally Pitching”. In it, Allen clarifies his perspective and expands his post from last week titled Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Meet VC’s Unless They’re Formally Pitching.

Remember, unless you trade stocks for a living, don’t watch the Dow this week. There’s nothing you can do about it. And if you watched it obsessively on Friday, here’s what you saw.

Yup – it ended where it started after a handful of wild swings. Pretty exciting, eh? Just think how much anxiety the commentators on CNBC generated talking about it while you were getting some real work done.