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Jan 11 2012 by Brad

MacLeod: The Model Board Package

Today’s post of the day is from Mark MacLeod (Real Ventures) titled The Model Board Package. Mark shares my intense frustration with the structure of most board meetings and offers up some great suggestions along with a solid template for a board presentation. As some of you may know, I’m working on a book on Startup Boards with Mahendra Ramsinghani – if this is a topic that is interesting to you do us a favor and fill out our survey on startup boards.

Sep 1 2011 by Brad

MacLeod: A Series On SaaS Math

Mark MacLeod (Real Ventures) is about to start a blog series on SaaS Math. The topics he’s going to write about follow:

  • Why investors, customers and vendors love SaaS
  • SaaS Metrics 101: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referrals, Revenues
  • What and how to measure
  • Per User Economics broken down
  • Measuring tools: custom vs. off the shelf
  • How to bill your customers
  • Pricing your service
  • Freemium in depth
  • Case studies
  • SaaS Valuations
  • Putting it all together: SaaS Best Practices

Based on the importance of SaaS in the software ecosystem along with the ability to deeply track all metrics on a real time basis, this looks like a series worth reading.