We love when people review Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. Here are some of our favorites.

TechCrunch -“tl;dr version: If you’re an entrepreneur or VC or will be working in this industry – buy this. read it. live it.”

Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) – “It’s a textbook on venture capital deals. If you plan to do one of them, as an investor, advisor, or most importantly, as an entrepreneur, you should get this book and read it.”

Tim Ferriss (The Four Hour Work Week) – “Easily the best book I’ve ever read on start-ups and venture capital”

Eric Ries (Lean Startup) – “After reading it, I’ve concluded that it’s like having a super-mentor on your shelf.”

Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital) – “Hands-down the best book I’ve ever read on venture capital. An entrepreneur’s must-read”

Matt Blumberg (Return Path) – “if you are an aspiring or actual entrepreneur, buy this book.  Even if you’ve done a couple of financings, this is fantastic reference material, and Brad and Jason’s points of view on things are incredibly insightful beyond the facts.”

Mark Suster (GRP Partners) – “Let’s get rid of the information asymmetry problem. Every startup needs the knowledge in this book.”

Brenda Jubin – “All in all, if you are thinking about looking for outside capital for your business, you should definitely read this book. If you are a wannabe VC, it’s also important. I, who fall into neither category, found it a fascinating read.”

Daniel Odio – “I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  It’ll make your fundraising process more successful, and it’ll make you fluent in the language that VCs speak, giving you access to more deals and faster results.”

Tweety Got Back – “If you are running a startup, or plan to start a company soon, you need to read this book. Feld & Mendelson put the fun in learning about funding!”

Andrew Payne – “I will be handing this book out like candy — I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s an excellent overview of how venture deals work, combining a perfect blend of investment mechanics with practical advice.  We’ve needed a book like this for a long time.”

David Anderson – “Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s best seller Venture Deals-Be Smarter than your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist is the best book written so far on the subject of how an entrepreneur can survive the start up fund raising world with their dignity and perhaps their company intact. If you are an entrepreneur, or plan to be one, buy and memorize this book.”