LearnVC – A Web Resource About Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Early this year Jeff Boardman approached me and Jason about a new web site he was working on called LearnVC.  His goal was to build a web-based resource about venture capital for entrepreneurs and investors. As part of this, he asked if he could use content from AsktheVC and from Feld Thoughts as long as he gave us linkbacks and attribution.  We thought Jeff’s idea for LearnVC was great and said yes without hesitation.

Six months or so later Jeff has launched LearnVC.  In addition to a blog and extensive content, he’s created separate guides for different audiences:

Nicely done Jeff.

  • Brad – I love that you back up your passion for an industry with honest support of it! Thanks for your passion! I'd love to chat sometime if you could…

  • Jeffrey Boardman

    Brad, thanks for the supportive post and the great content.

  • Alex

    great website. Could become quite large. The “interactive” calculators on the same page as the valuable content is awesome. Bookmarked!