Jan 3 2007 by Brad

Questions You Should Ask Yourself During Fundraising

Paul Kedrosky has the “VC Post of the Day” (if we manage to do this daily for a while, maybe we’ll even turn this into a regular feature.)  It’s titled Four Unusual Questions You Should Ask in Raising Venture Money.  Unlike so many posts we’ve seen about questions to ask your VC (hmmm), these are actually four great questions you should regularly ask yourself while you are in the fundraising process (or – as Paul states – during the “pre-termsheet pipeline with a venture firm that you’re interested in.”) 

  1. Do I have a strong advocate?
  2. Do I have any strong opponents?
  3. What other unrelated deals is the firm currently doing?
  4. Have I answered all the questions?

Click through to his post for more details on the four questions.  Strange – these have the same tempo as a passover seder.