Jul 22 2011 by Brad

VC’s Talk About Better Board Meetings

The theme of the VC post of the day today is “better board meetings.” We noticed two VC’s blogging about this so we thought we’d highlight both of them.

The first is from Robert Siegel of X/Seed Capital titled A Thought on Board Meetings. In addition to saying nice words about previous posts from Brad on board meetings, he builds around the idea that “In the end, a Board really does one thing:  Hire and fire the CEO.”  He strongly suggests that “Therefore, no matter how much one likes his or her Board, and no matter how much one’s Board likes the team, management always needs to come prepared to Board meetings – one simply cannot “wing it” – even if things are going well for the company.

The other is from Firas Raouf of OpenView Partners titled How To Run A Good Board Meeting?. Firas has seven practical steps for running a good board meeting.

Brad’s been on a quest to reinvent board meetings and has started with his portfolio. While it’s rumored that he is making good progress, these posts are solid suggestions for improving traditional board meetings.