Jan 3 2007 by Jason

Coming Soon To This Blog: New Series

All, we’ve been tremendously happy with the response to our new site.  Thanks to everyone who has asked questions, told their friends and linked to us.

We’ve seen multiple questions regarding two issues:  compensation and angel deals.

On the compensation side, people are wondering how ownership is spread out between founders and executives, how much to offer a new executive, what are standard salaries and what is the “real deal” about deferred comp.

On the Angel side, we’ve been asked to share our standard term sheet and discuss what we consider to be fair angel deals.

Given all of this interest, instead of composing “one off” answers to these questions, we are going to tackle these subjects in a series of posts as we’ve done in the past with our Term Sheet, M&A and 409A work. 

So be a bit patient and stay tuned.  We hope that it will be worth your wait.